My first workshop and guinea pigs :) !

Dear WCG Team !

  It’s good to share something here again, I hope everybody is fine 😉 Firstly I want to inform you about my work for our project.. I’ve been searching school for two months , even if I have sent e-mails , nobody has replied.. Because, doing this workhops at this time of  the year is really limited , they generally want to start on Semptember .. Actually they are right cause it doesn’t work, ıf you take a break for holiday.. I’ve finally found a school in Brussels and they are interested in WCG , but they want to start on September and they invited me on 15th May to talk about what we can do. And I’ve  also found a youth organisation for summer time we will keep in touch.

  By the way, I didn’t want to spend my time by waiting and I’ve decided to try out a workshop to my friends from Dutch course in our office before using it in school. I did it yesterday and it took almost 1.5 hours.. I only could find 7 people who are from Greece, USA, Romania, Ethiopya and Finland. Even if I know them, I got excited at first but after it went well and their feedback was good ; they didn’t get bored and we really enjoyed with games that we played ! Their ideas were different and interesting .. They only suggested me that there should be much more games and people.. It’s true cause we will work with schools and youth organisations.. but I think for 7 people it was enough 🙂 

  I want to tell briefly what I did at workshop. Firstly ; I introduced myself and why I’m here and then I did  presentation of WCG and YFU-Vlaanderen with powerpoint. After,we played Prejudice Fast-Forward (session 7) game ( thanks to advice of Sami 😉 ). For evolution, I used Drawer model. After we played Hot-Spot (Session 2) and I explained again with a presentation. Finally, I gave them a feedback form and also we talked and it finished. Here a few photos from workshop 😉 See you soon !












Long time no see…

Dear reader:

It’s been a long time since I haven’t written anything here, therefore I must apologize, but I have good news, now I’m a completly trained WCG volunteer and I’ve done around 8 (+-) workshops!

My life in Sofia is more interesting than I’ve ever thought!!!! I have met people from all over the world. Even more mexicans! (Don’t you ever worry fellow reader, there’s always a crazy mexican, no matter where you are). The other WCG volunteer introduced me a group that reunites every thursday, a german Stammtisch, to my surprise, there’s a lot of people that go regularly to this meeting! And even non german speaking people. Strange enough, lot’s of people that are visiting Sofia end up here, so it’s a great place for networking!

With the workshops, I’ve already had all kinds of groups, the excellent one, the not-so-excellent one and the GET ME OUT OF HERE one… you know the feeling… yes… that one… even though it is really fun and interesting! No matter what kind of group it is, I noticed that there is allways at least three or four students that are willing to participate and learn something interesting! And getting the experience is always worth it!

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I’ve also done now 2 trainings for more WCG volunteers, and sometimes not so local! We now have volunteers from Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico and the USA! Everytime our network gets bigger, and hopefully we’re going to be attending to more schools to do some more workshops!!

Well fellow reader. That’s all for now, hope you keep visiting our blog.


First news from China

Hi, I’m Desi and I have been in China for 1 1/2 months now. However, I have been meaning to write on the blog for sometime, but my busy schedule as well as the fact that foreign blogging sites are blocked in China has prevented me from doing so. Finally I have found enough time to share with you how I have spent the past couple of weeks. I arrived in Beijing on 2nd of march and after meeting everybody at the YFU Beijing Greater China office I had over a week to enjoy the city and get acquainted with the city itself as the staff was out of town on a meeting. I visited sights, walked around Beijing and started studying Chinese. I had, moreover, gotten the news that I was to move to Shenzhen at the end of the month to continue my project there. I will be staying in Shenzhen for about 6 months before going to Shanghai for 3 months. Before going back to Germany I will go back to Beijing to end my year there. Quite a trip!

The rest of the months I spent working right alongside with the YFU staff at the office. Furthermore I spent some time with a volunteer to study Chinese. So far I can buy things and get around, but I’m just at the beginning. In addition we also talked about YFU China as well as China in general, especially the school system. My time in Beijing overall was great and impressive; however it was overshadowed by a cold that I had caught while being out and about on one of my trips.

Getting off the in Shenzhen I immediately realized how different both cities are. Not only was it pretty warm in Shenzhen, it was also very green. Trees everywhere! Now most people don”t know anything about Shenzhen (I know I didn’t). The city borders on Hong Kong and there are about 12 million people living there. Now if you think this city has been gradually growing you are most definitely wrong. Dating back 30 years the city had only couple ten thousand, but because of its being so close to Hong Kong the city was declared a special economic zone. Outgrowing its counterpart the city is now actually bigger than Hong Kong.

I have now been in Shenzhen for about two weeks and I’m infatuated with it. The people, foreigners and Chinese alike, are helpful, kind and I practically never run out of things to do. I have started my work at YFU here and we are trying to convince schools (or rather principals) of the Coloured Glasses program. However, this proves to be very difficult as the project is seen as more of an extracurricular activity. We are looking for a solution to this problem and I will surely keep all of you updated.

Last but not least…

Hello again everyone!

As Mandy and Jesus have told, we have kept going to schools and been doing workshops…

First time at the Gazi school

In my experience it’s a very rewarding activity, for every visit the students we do, there are students who wants to get to know more about us, some just try their english as some others say something they know about the country and in the end a good atmosphere is created between us. As well we have encountered troubles in communication and dificulties that have done some visits a bit caotic, but I think is okay as along the way we get better at it, so when the time comes for the Coloured Glasses Workshops we will give great workshops! 🙂

At the turkish lessons

Besides the workshops we have been invited or asked to be part of many actvities about showing what do we do or for to exchange our view of the world. So in the way we can also know more schools where to do workshops and make friends from other organizations. For example we have turkish lessons but in exchange we help as conversation teachers in spanish.

YFU German/Turkish Teacher's Meeting

Sharing a meal with students

A little fair about countries around the world

For that keeps me happy at the end of the day, though I end up very tired, but   happy that I have kept doing things and tomorrow there are more to do.

I hope everybody is doing also many things!

See you next time!

Türkiye’de Atölye Çalışmaları

Hi everyone!
Now I will write a little bit about my experience with Workshops here in Turkey. We haven’t yet started with Coloured Glasses Workshops, because school years begin in September here in Turkey and we can’t begin at the middle of the year with a new project, so we are continuing the Workshops done previously by the other volunteers.


Introducing myself with a presentation about Mexico to students in Ayrancı Lisesi.

Mostly these workshops consist on cultural topics and the time given to us is from English classes, so one of our main tasks is to facilitate the practice of English conversation for students. For this reason, we have chosen simple understandable activities for students and have aided ourselves with technology for language barriers, for example, we make a list of words in English and Turkish for students to broaden their vocabulary in English.


Workshop at Ayrancı Lisesi.

At first, I attended the Workshops with Julia and Pascal, the last volunteers from YFU Turkey and thanks to them I got an idea of how things were done and students started to know me. Now, the new volunteers (Jesus and Camilo) are here and thanks to my early arrival I could explain to them how the Workshops operated and we have adapted very well and we have had success in our Workshops, even though sometimes it is complicated due to language barriers, but the teachers always stay in the classroom and translate for us when necessary.


Workshop at TED Koleji.

Until now, this has been my experience with Workshops in Ankara and it has been great! I am looking forward to continue sharing my life and time with students.  =)



Jesus, me and Camilo
YFU!!!! =D

How we roll in Turkey.

And there we were. Three of us about to confront the biggest challenge of our lives. Pascal had left, Julia had left. Now it was up to us, the newcomers, to carry on the legacy of the Coloured glasses workshops. The doors opened with a squeaking sound and they entered the room.

“hold your ground!” ordered Mandy, who was the most experienced.

Thus, we faced to the angry horde of a thousand students…

Ok, maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that. But I had to find a way to get your attention, right? Actually the workshop went something like this:


We had two groups, the last better than the first but we were able to give the workshop without any trouble. I felt nervous at first because it was the first workshop I took part in, but Mandy and Camilo already had given some workshops. Thanks to my teammates, things became easier and some students even asked us to come back.


Mission accomplished. 

Swenglish …


Time has flown by ! I have been here in Sweden already for already one month :)


Getting used to a new city, hostfamily, a foreign language, a new culture and of course the swedish weather has been quite challenging and exciting!

It has been quite easy thanks to the wonderful peope I´ve met during this time.

I have been working at the YFU Office since I am still waiting for Merve (from Turkey) to arrive here because we will be traveling together during this school tour. Anyway, Amy, Anna and I have already plenty workshops for next week here in Stockholm and I am really looking forward to start visiting more and more schools :)

I wanted to share with you a picture of Amy, Anna and me in front of a very typical Swedish red house in front of a lake ❤


I have really enjoyed this time here :D

Ohhh by the way, YFU SWEDEN is celebrating its 50h anniversary the 24th and 25th of March! So if any of you wants to be part of this celebration you can send a video saying congratulations! We would really appreciate having greetings from the YFU community  all over the world ! :D

I am having some kind of difficulties learning swedish at this time (is quite hard to speak but “easier” to understand) but well… I´m doing my best and they say:


so I think I´m gonna trust the guy and just keep learning new volcabulary while I  get some courage to  finally say something else than “Hej” or “Tack” :)

So… have fun during the weekend and we´ll read each other!